Volvo Experience & Identity Guideline

Template gallery

Here you will gain access to our most common templates and assets.

Instruction files for stationery and print

Here you can download instruction files for stationery and print.


Here you can download original artwork for the most common Volvo communication icons. Each icon comes in the five preset Volvo colors.


Here you can download original artwork for the three primary logotypes used to represent Volvo Group and its Volvo business areas. Use RGB for online. Use CMYK and PMS for print.


Here you can download the Volvo fonts Volvo Novum, Volvo Broad, Volvo Broad Pro Digital and Volvo Broad Outline. All Volvo brands may use the Volvo Fonts and dealers may use fonts when promoting Volvo products and services. Take into consideration that Volvo Broad should be used with care, not to frequent and only to highlight a strong, short message, one line headings etc.  

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