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Volvo 8900

Your hard-working partner

The Volvo 8900 will meet all needs in intercity and commuting operations. Highly versatile through a wide range of variants, yet firmly focused on reducing operating costs. Our right-sized Euro 6 engine provides excellent performance and driveability – with low fuel consumption. Count on maximum uptime, reliability and safety for your investment.

Fuel efficiency and reduced operational cost

The 8-litre Euro 6 engine in the Volvo 8900 takes on the world-class fuel-efficiency position of its 7-litre predecessor. In addition we offer a range of services that reduce fuel consumption even further.

Versatile in application

The Volvo 8900 is available in a number of variants, opening up for a range of applications and allowing you to maximise productivity in your operation. Two- or three-axle, low-entry or medium floor, and lengths up to 14.9 m will cover any need.

Increased driver performance

The new driver’s environment is one of the best available, with world-class ergonomics, and a range of possibilities for individual adjustments. On medium-floor versions you can opt for the sensational Volvo Dynamic Steering. Add to that the renowned Volvo safety, built-in from the very start.

Make your passengers happy

Going by bus should be a pleasure and with the Volvo 8900 it really is. Every day, all the year round. Comfort and a relaxing journey are vital parts of commuting, and the balanced chassis in combination with the ergonomical, comfortable seats make for a pleasant ride.


Pure power

The 8-litre Euro 6 engine with up to 350 hp lets you save up to 10% of your fuel cost, still with all the power and elasticity you want.

Volvo Dynamic Steering

For medium-floor versions you can specify Volvo Dynamic Steering, which will make driving smoother and manoeuvering so much easier.

The driver’s bus

Fully adjustable steering wheel, dashboard and seat make it easy to find an ideal driving position for virtually any driver.

Best choice materials

The body structure and roof are made of aluminium, which is 90% recyclable. This concept reduces weight and lowers fuel consumption and emissions.

The better part

The Volvo 8900 shares 70% of its components with the Volvo 7900. You’ll benefit from reduced spare parts and logistics costs.

True uptime

A Service Contract and a Parts Supply Contract will keep your Volvo 8900 up and running new for many, many years.

Volvo Dynamic Steering

The Ultimate Driving Experience




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