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Our focus on protecting and caring for people has made Volvo Buses a leader in safety. Now we are taking one step further. The various consequences of Covid-19 affect us all, privately and at work. During times of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to do what we can to stop spreading the infection. We are working in real time to keep our employees and passengers safe, and support our customers’ business. The Clean & Care program includes a lineup of protective equipment for both old and new models. Contact your Volvo representative today to find out more.


Protecting what’s important

We at Volvo Buses are here for you to ensure that your coach is clean and safe for passengers and drivers alike. Here are some of our recommendations and our ongoing initiatives.

General maintenance recommendations:

  • Always follow the advice of your National Healthcare System in every respect.
  • Clean both the defroster and air recirculation filters every day.
  • Use disinfecting fluid to clean handrails and all surfaces that may be touched by hands, repeating frequently during the day.
  • At the end of the working day, sanitise the entire passenger area, for example with the Ozone Generator.

Travel safe in times of Covid 19

See how ozone generators installed create a cleaner and disinfected interior in the buses.

Continuous disinfection – ECO3

The ECO3 disinfector is one of the most effective ways to proactively work against bacteria and virus. This device continuously produces ozone gas that cleans the air and reduces particles and organic substances on all surfaces with which it comes into contact, resulting in widespread disinfection of the bus interior.

  • Retrofit kit is available
  • The ECO3 disinfector has been tested and validated: 
    - 99.7% reduction of a virus ten times more resistant than Covid-19 (INTA test institute)
    - Substantial reduction of pollutants like organic substances and particulates (independent SGS agency)


INTA - National Institute of Aerospace Technology
SGS - General Society of Surveillance

Anti-viral cabin air filters

As an alternative to purifiers ECO3, it is possible to install high-efficiency anti-viral air filters. With the high air volume turnover in the cabin (typically 80% fresh air and 20% re-circulated), the filters are substantially reducing virus droplets and aerosols as well as bacteria.

  • Compliance with EU Biocidal Directive
  • Tested according to ISO 18184
  • Filters need a quarterly replacement
  • Retrofit kit is available

Driver separation

To reduce contact with passengers and minimise the risk of virus transmission, these partitions are a good choice for making the driver’s environment safer. Choose both or only side or rear partition.

  • Retrofit kit is available
  • Transparent and clear view, easy-to-clean materials
  • Materials according to ECE 43 standards

Disinfecting fluid dispensers 

Make it easy for drivers and passengers to maintain good hand hygiene and increase the cleanliness of the entire bus. Easy access for people who enter or exit the coach, or who use the lavatory.

  • Retrofit kit is available
  • Refillable and works with any type of sanitiser
  • Available as manual or automatic model

Disinfecting box – Ozone Generator

Start the day or a new trip with a sanitised vehicle by using the Ozone Generator, a disinfection device that performs complete disinfection of the vehicle. This method requires an empty vehicle during cleaning and 20 minutes afterwards, making it a good cleaning choice during the lunch break or at the end of the working day.

  • To be activated daily for 20 minutes
  • Needs a 230 V power supply
  • Easy to transport: 29×15×23 cm
  • Lightweight: 3 kg

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