Volvo Experience & Identity Guideline


A color palette that reflects our wanted brand position and blends perfectly with Volvo Blue to create harmony and consistency for all uses. The rules and recommendations state how to best use each color type. 


Volvo color palette

Color is a key design element in the creation of the Volvo identity. Proper use is differentiating and creates recognition. Each color should be used in 100% only, in order to secure consistency. Colors may appear slightly different depending on which media is being used.

Volvo main colors

The heart of our color universe is Volvo blue, a color that has a unique association to our brand. Volvo blue is used exclusively for and in combination with the Volvo Group logotype, the Volvo Iron Mark logotype, the Volvo Word Mark logotype and the Volvo Penta logotype. Volvo blue is also used on flags and signage.

To compliment Volvo blue there are seven additional Volvo main colors. These should be used to position the Volvo brand both online and offline in, for example, apps, brochures, product guides and other sales materials.

Volvo blue shall not be used for decorative or accentuating purposes.

Volvo accent colors

The extended color palette consists of three Volvo accent colors. The Volvo accent colors may be used in four different, predefined shades. The Volvo accent colors should always be used as supporting colors and never dominate a layout.

 The primary accent colors are Leaf One, Teal One and Flow One. Note that Leaf and Teal are lighter than Flow, which impacts shading scale visualization.


Examples – Volvo main colors

Shown below are examples of how the Volvo main colors can be used.

Examples – Volvo accent colors

Shown below are examples of how the Volvo accent colors can be used.

Functional colors

For specific action or alert purposes, these additional functional colors are available. 

Examples functional colors

The functional colors may be used together with the main and accent colors when there is a functional need, in for example line charts. The functional colors may never be used for decorative purposes.

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