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Why are we doing a harmonization of the Volvo brand?

We change the Volvo visual identity to remain strong in the changing business landscape by adapting to transformative movements – through distinction across entities & interfaces, modernizing the expression and simplifying execution.


When must we start updating according to the new brand guideline?

You may start on the 1st of April 2021. When and with what material you start with is decided by each market and entity so it is a smooth transition into the new. Organic roll-out.


What material is no longer valid? (As from April)

  •  BEIG – Brand Experience & Identity Guideline used for Volvo Group: Replaced by Volvo Brand Identity & Experience Guideline
  •  VECIG – Volvo Experience & Core Identity Guideline used by Volvo BAs: Replaced by Volvo Brand Identity & Experience Guideline
  •   Volvo Brand Identity & Communication Guideline used by Volvo BAs: Replaced by Volvo Brand Identity & Experience Guideline
  •  Exhibition handbook: No central guidance, BA/TD/GF responsibility to secure relevant customer experiences
  •  Font equivalents: Included in Volvo Brand Identity & Experience Guideline


You find Volvo logos on this page under Logotypes.
At Volvo Brand Center you will find Volvo Brand Logos under the heading Volvo Brand, and the subheading Logotypes

Your supplier can find the logotypes on this site under Logotypes. Make sure your supplier has the information regarding clear zones for the logo.

Volvo’s relationship with its suppliers is regulated in purchase agreements. According to the general purchasing conditions applied by Volvo, the supplier may not, without the prior written consent of Volvo, advertise or otherwise publish informa­tion referring to its business relationship with Volvo.

However, suppliers to companies in the Volvo Group frequently ask for permission to refer to us by name in various commercial contexts. As the Volvo name is of extremely great value to us, it is essential, in order to safeguard it, that these requests are handled with due concern. Therefore Volvo’s general policy in this respect is very restrictive, described in the trademark rules for Volvo. 

Only use official Volvo merchandise. Global: www.merchandise.volvogroup.com North America: www.volvobrandshop.com For questions please email: support.merchandise@volvo.com  they can help to print logos on your merchandise. For more info see the Volvo Brand Merchandise handbook. 


Fonts are found under Fonts. For Volvo employees the fonts will be installed automatically on all Volvo computers and you cannot install fonts manually (blocked in the system).

The fonts are available at volvogroup.com/identity

For Adobe Creative Suite here is a link for download:


If you send a PPT presentation to a supplier/client it must be saved as a PDF.

Dealers may use fonts when promoting Volvo products and services. All Volvo brands may use the Volvo Fonts. Volvo Broad, Volvo Broad Outline, Volvo Broad Pro Digital and Volvo Novum. Take into consideration that Volvo Broad should be used with care, not to frequent and only to highlight a strong, short message, one line headings etc.  For more guidance see the Volvo Experience and Identity Guideline  and dealer edition

See section Typography on this page or refer to the Font Equivalents page in the Volvo Experience & Identity guideline and dealer edition

 See section Typography on this page or in the Typography section in the Volvo Experience and Identity Guideline and dealer edition for information on Volvo font equivalents to use for non-supported languages. The suggested

fonts are recommendations, other fonts may be used as long as they strongly resemble the fonts presented there. 

The Volvo typefaces Volvo Novum and Volvo Broad, and their equivalents, are to be used in external communication. Important! Please note that all documents being emailed/used externally must be saved as PDF:s to secure the fonts.


Volvo Novum and Volvo Broad are not to be used by an independent dealer to communicate any other brand than the Volvo brand.


We have removed competing and clashing tones to shape one harmonized, premium Volvo color palette. All colors have been analyzed and tested for an optimal digital experience. To work both in dark mode and day mode on all devices.

No, Volvo Blue is reserved for certain elements and key areas such as in the logotypes, flags and signage. It may not be used in interior decoration or communication material etc.

They are all different color systems.
RGB - is a spectrum of colors made up of Red, Green and Blue. RBG is used for Screens - web, mobile etc. Since the perception of color is affected by luminosity.

CMYK - is used for print. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. The amount and mix of colors, and how close the color dots are applied to the paper determines how light or dark it appears.

PMS - Pantone Matching System is a color system for printed matter, often used for logotypes.

Volvo Blue shall never be used in any grading and is only approved to be used for defined elements e.g., flags and logotypes. For other color tones see Colors section on this site or guidance in Volvo Experience and Identity Guideline and dealer edition.

You share the color codes from the guideline with your supplier. See Colors section on this site.
If your supplier use Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator etc.) you can share these links:

RGB for screen use:  https://shared-assets.adobe.com/link/754b20dd-a130-4317-44c7-c806aabaf83e

CMYK for print use:  https://shared-assets.adobe.com/link/93c8a44e-3c47-4ee3-54c5-82e953882553

You find the color codes in the Colors section on this site and in the Volvo Experience and Identity Guideline and dealer edition


The common design style for the Volvo icons allow us to get recognition in all of our touchpoints. It is therefore important that we keep the consistency.

All new Volvo icons is therefore created by Volvo Group Design.

No. All new icons shall be created by Volvo Group Design. For Volvo business entities - Contact: symbols.design@volvo.com

No. All new icons shall be created by Volvo Group Design. For Volvo business entities - Contact: symbols.design@volvo.com

You can use the Volvo main colors for icons. The icons may also be placed on a background with Volvo main and accent colors.  More information and examples to be found in the Volvo Experience & Identity guideline and dealer edition.


Warm, earthy color tones accentuate our friendly and humanistic brand personality. The color tone creates an overall visual consistency and works well with our different product brand images.

Include people in the pictures, never portray a product as a static object

Use a clear source of light - take advantage of natural sources of light.

Tell a story with the picture.
For full coverage of tonality in imagery see Image Tonality section. Volvo Experience & Identity Guideline and dealer edition

Images in each brand's image gallery  are found here and also for Volvo employees and owned dealers in PickIt, which is an add-in to PowerPoint and Word. The images in the brand galleries in PickIt are following the guidelines and are free to use, hence the images in PickIt's media galleries need to be checked for compliance to our image tonality before being used .

In the Company media galleries all images are compliant with our image tonality. If you as a Volvo employee or owned dealer look for images in the PickIt media galleries , take into consideration the guidelines for imagery  or see dealer edition, since not all public images are compliant with Volvo tonality. 

Yes all images are free to use in any application. Please observe that not all images are available in size for large prints; we can't get them in other sizes than offered in PickIt. Some images are available in higher resolution than others.  Don´t forget to check that the image is compliant with our imagery guideline or see Volvo Experience and Identity Guideline dealer edition.

No, regard them as if you would be looking at an image bank online. You may find that an image has been used by many others in different applications and situations. But they are royalty free for you to use. Only images in our brand image galleries are our own and unique for Volvo. 

No, some images may be restricted for certain campaigns, formats etc. 

PickIt is an add-in to PowerPoint and Word. You will find it  to the right in your "Home" toolbar, see this short instruction. Plenty of further instructions and guides are found here.


Tone of voice 

The tone of voice is not what you say but how you say it. Consistency builds familiarity and trust in our brand. It' is the way Volvo sounds e.g., in text and spoken words in all functions and touchpoints,  which mirrors our brand personality, values and way of thinking.

Friendly professional.

Competent not arrogant.

Intelligent not intellectual.

Sympathetic not flattering.

A progressive, trustworthy and competent citizen with a humanistic approach.

PowerPoint - PickIt (Volvo employees and owned dealers)

You find the templates in PickIt inside PPT. You will find it  to the right in your "Home" toolbar, see this short instruction. Plenty of further instructions and guides are found here.

 Yes. It's one of the layouts in the PowerPoint template that has all the Volvo Group logos in the footer. Presently only in the Blue box template.

No. Our fonts are exclusive so any documents going externally must either be saved as pdf before sending, or (for a presentation to be made on an external computer) sent with font folders that must be installed on that computer before viewing. 

It is available in PPT using the plugin application PickIt, found in the Home toolbar.

You will find it  to the right in your "Home" toolbar, see this short instruction. Plenty of further instructions and guides are found here.


How do I order business cards? (Volvo employees and owned dealers)

If you are employed in Sweden you order your business cards via our supplier Göteborgstryckeriet here.

If you work outside Sweden you order your business cards from a local supplier. More info found on Brand center.

InDesign templates and instructions are found on volvogroup.com/identity


Yes, If another brand is stronger at the local market and you'd see a business advantage of doing so. You may also add a non-Volvo owned brand on this pylon sign if this makes it look more tidy than having separate placement.


If you find a major disadvantage of doing so please contact Anna Edholm, Brand Experience, with your business case for discussion.

Yes, if local laws and regulations demands it to be written in the local language.

Local flagging routines apply.

Flags are ordered via volvomerchandise.com.

Local flagging routines apply.

Use an uneven number; 3, 5, 7, on a line or in a group.

No, Volvo Iron Mark is not be used on flags.


No as a legal sender of the e-mail you may not use Volvo logos but should use your own logo.

For employees and owed dealers

It is allowed to add up to 6 business driven and brand compliant e.g. SoMe links, badges etc. with icons. Do not include taglines, marketing messages, quotes, additional images, graphic elements or animations. These elements may not be more prominent than the Volvo logo - it must be allowed to shine. For more information visit Brand center or volvogroup.com/identity.

No, you should use the templates in Outlook. You find them under "Signatures". Open the one you will use and enter your contact details. Save it under the same name; then any alteration that may occur to the layout will updated automatically, without any action from your part.