key principles for

The Volvo brand identity


We know that the Volvo trademark assets are owned and protected by the Volvo Trademark Holding AB (VTMH), co-owned by Volvo Group and Volvo Cars. VTMH issues the Volvo Brand Usage Rules (BUR) annually and the two owners are legally obliged to adhere to these.


We appreciate the Volvo Design Philosophy as the foundation for design of all Volvo-branded interfaces, digital or analogue, commercial or corporate, and as an appendix to the Volvo Brand Usage Rules.


We use the power of Volvo as one, distinct brand. Different corporations and organizations use the brand to carry its business and thus different logotypes are used, all logotypes represent the one Volvo brand and all activations strengthens the Volvo brand.


We recognize that the sensory identity (how the brand feels) and verbal identity (how the brand sounds) are equally strong brand carriers as the visual identity (how the brand looks) in the digitalized and electrified business landscape.


We respect the Volvo Trademark Rules, the Volvo Brand Directive and the Volvo Experience and Identity Guideline, issued by the Brand management department at
Volvo Group HQ (BEX), to outline the core of the Volvo brand and adherence is non-negotiable.


We put the customer experience at the center. Business entities or Group functions
decide how to use, execute and activate the Volvo brand core according to set rules, close to customers or stakeholders through e.g., marketing activities, communication platforms, products and services offerings and retail environments according to commercial objectives and customer needs.



We do not put the Volvo brand or related elements on third party applications that are
products out of our control and/or considered commodities. The Volvo brand is reserved for differentiating applications and interfaces that make us stand out in the market and are guaranteed to reflect our values and standards.


We always make the Volvo brand shine and stand out, not organizational entities or departments, and never invent own logotypes or symbols for products, departments, projects or similar. Our visual core identity elements consists of logotypes, colors, typography, icons and imagery. Additional decorative graphic elements do not enhance our brand expression.


We regularly revisit the Volvo brand story to help us remember what Volvo stands for and aspires to, when we shape, build and move the world we want to live in – together.


Volvo experience and identity guideline