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Big data has been a buzzword for years. For us it’s the focus of our daily work and the springboard for innovation. By collecting data from connected Volvo Group customer assets around the world we have the chance to analyze behavior and forecast the needs of tomorrow.

With a little momentum, nothing is impossible. We prioritize speed and openness over slow and steady, speed meets scale, ideas meet actions, problems meet solutions, and opportunities meet purpose.

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Hack Sprints - how we run a hackaton

Hack Sprint is a hackathon series that brings together carefully selected teams to hack real world solutions for real world challenges with real world impact.

Hack Sprint Gothenburg

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Hack Sprint Silicon Valley

Remote Hack Sprint

Volvo Group hosted the Hack Sprint, with Volvo Construction Equipment as subject matter experts and members of the jury. A joint effort to find a solution to a challenge that faces our customers every day.

Read more about the Remote Hack Sprint

The Swedish Institute, in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden New Delhi, the Volvo Group, IKEAEricsson One and other organisations, was hosting a 42-hour digital hackathon called the Sweden-India Mobility Hack on the topic of “Changing the Way We Move”.

Read more about the Sweden-India online Mobility Hack

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Academia Collaboration

Volvo has a longstanding history of collaborating with academia to develop innovative concepts to address the challenges our customers face every day. Students provide an unbiased perspective; challenging preconceived ideas and creating new concepts that help us see the problems with a new set of lenses. We collaborate with:

Stanford University
Blekinge Institute of Technology
Carnegie Mellon University
Hyper Island 

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